Eighth Army Thanksgiving Service

Badges of all formations which had served with the Eighth Army, either in North Africa or Italy or both, used to decorate the cover of the Order of Service of the Thanksgiving Service for their victories.

Left Right
1. 5th Army Corps 1. 2nd Canadian Infantry
2. 10th Army Corps 2. 30th Army Corps
3. 2nd Polish Corps 3. 13th Army Corps
4. 78th Infantry (Battleaxe) Division 4. Airborne Division
5. 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division (Polish) 5. 1st Infantry Division
6. 4th Infantry Divsion 6. 8th Armoured Division
7. 51st (Highland) Division 7. 8th Indian Division
8. 9th Australian Division 8. 1st Armoured Division
9. 1st Canadian Infantry Division 9. 10th Indian Division
10. 50th (Northumberland) Division 10. 1st South African Division
11. 5th Canadian Armoured Division 11. 8th Armoured Division
12. 48th (Midland) Division 12. 4th Indian Division
13. 44th (Home Counties) Division 13. 7th Armoured Division (Desert Rats)
14. 56th (North London) Division 14. 5th Infantry Division
15. 2nd New Zealand Division 15. 5th Indian Division
16. 5th Kresowa Infantry Division (Polish) 16. 2nd South African Division
17. 6th South African Armoured Division 17. 6th Armoured Divison
18. Free French Forces 18. 6th Division
19. Jewish Brigade Group 19. 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade
20. Folgore Gruppo (Italian) 20. Cremona Gruppo (Italian)
21. Friuli Gruppo (Italian)