German chart showing the success of the Allied deception plan Fortitude

Geheim! = Secret
1c-Unterlagen West = 1c-Document West
Erläuterungen = Explanation
ohne Kreuz: Abzeichen auf Grund von Originalunterlagen = No cross: Insignia based on an original example.
ein Kreuz: Abzeichen auf Grund von Zeichnungen = One cross: Insignia based on a drawing.
zwei Kreuze: Abzeichen auf Grund von Beschreibungen = Two crosses: Insignia based on a description.
engl A.O.K. = British Army
engl. A.K. = British Army Corps
engl Pz Gren Div = British Armoured Division
engl I.D. = British Infantry Division
austral A.K = Australian Army Corps
poln A.K. = Polish Army Corps

The above chart shows how the Germans were completely taken in, there never was a British 4th Army, yet it pinned down thousands of German troops north of the Seine for weeks after the Normandy Landings. Other notional or fictitious formations are: VII Corps, XIV Corps, XVI Corps, 33rd Infantry Division, 57th Infantry Division, 58th Infantry Division, 70th Infantry Division, 90th Infantry Division. The real formations shown on this chart were in Normandy on 6 June 1944 and not in southern England waiting to invade the Calais area of France.

Note also the many errors in existing formation badges.