Categories qualifying for the Defence Medal 1939 - 1945

This is the full list of WW2 categories eligible for the Defence Medal:

1. Members of the Forces who had served in the UK.

2. Personnel of Anti-Aircraft Command.

3. RAF personnel other than operational crews.

4. Dominion Forces serving in the UK.

5. The Home Guard.

6. UK Forces serving in West Africa, Palestine, and India.

7. Dominion Forces in non-operational areas outside their own country.

8. Malta Home Guard - part time service.

9. Wardens Service - including shelter wardens.

10. Rescue Service - including former First-Aid Party Service.

11. Decontamination Service.

12. Report and Control Service.

13. Messenger Service.

14. Ambulance Service.

15. First Aid Service

16. First Aid Posts and Points.

17. Public Cleansing Units.

18. Mobile Cleansing units.

19. Nursing Service for Public Shelters.

20. Rest Centre Service.

21. Emergency Service (including Queen's Messenger Convoy).

22. Canteen Service.

23. Emergency Information Service.

24. Mortuary Service.

25. National Fire service, including service in a local authority Fire Brigade.

26. Auxiliary Fire Service.

27. Police.

28. Royal Marine Police Special Reserve.

29. Admiralty Civil police.

30. War Department Constabulary.

31. Air Ministry Constabulary.

32. Railway and Dock police.

33. American Ambulance, Great Britain.

34. Civil Air Transport.

35. Civil Defence Reserve.

36. Kent County and West Sussex County Civil Defence Mobile Reserves.

37. Civil Nursing Reserve.

38. Civilian Technical Corps.

39. Coast Guard.

40. Fire Guards performing duties under the local authorities.

41. Fire Guards at Government or business premises.

42. Lighthouse Keepers serving under the three Lighthouse Authorities.

43. Keepers of Light-Vessels, under the three Lighthouse Authorities, who do not qualify for the 1939-45 Star.

44. Nurses in hospitals for which Government Departments or local authorities are responsible, or in the recognised voluntary hospitals.

45. Port of London Authority River Emergency Service.

46. Clyde River Patrol.

A vast number of this medal had to be struck and not all could be issued at once. The listed order simply reflected the sequence of issue.

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Peter Ghiringhelli